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Do you have a job?
My son and my wife live in Spain.
What kind of music do you like?
How many friends do you have?
What did she do after university?
What is the most important for you?
Sorry. I can't come tonight.
Can you help me with this exercise?
See you tomorrow!
I always get so tired after work, so I just like watch TV.
She misses her friends so much.
What do you prefer - coffee or tea?
What wonderful weather today it is.
If you have problems, just ask me for advice and I always will try to do everything I can.
The plane a little late, but it didn't matter.
You're distracting me again!!! Don't make any noise! Calm down! How many times I have to tell you about it?
When is his birthday? Oh, I can't believe that!
Someone or something always distracts you! It's just excuses!
Won't he invite you? It's weird... Maybe he will make it later.
What day and time works this museum?
In what days and in what time does this museum work?
Describe them to me. What do they look like?
Can I try it on? Where are the changing rooms?
Hello. I'm looking for the latest issue of this journal. Where is it? - Right there. On the middle shelf, next to the newspapers.
I'd like to change dollars to euros. Yes, of course. Did you bring your passport with you?
I don't have enough money to buy myself this necklace.
We're a little nervous.
I'm fed up with your behavior.
This movie is boring. I know, it's not interesting at all.
My back hurts, when I'm moving.
How can I get to the nearest pharmacy? - Go straight and turn right at the crossroads.
At what time will you arrive where? - I don't know yet. Maybe at 7 or 8 o'clock. I'll call. I promise.
I washed the dishes yesterday. Now is your turn.
Tell me about the reasons of your resignation.
Can you give me your phone number?
I was so surprised! He asked me to marry him. And what did you say?
Of course I said yes.
I could eat the horse. I'm so hungry.
I don't know how they live in this house. Their neighbors drive everybody crazy.
Sorry, can I pass through? - Yes, of course.
I don't even know how to respond to your question. I'd prefer to keep silence and see what will happen.
Was she happy, when lived there?
Don't ask me that. I don't want to discuss anything. I'm too tired to think about all of this.

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